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State of the Art
A Marathon Training Newsletter
Volume III - April 2001

Welcome to the Spring Edition of "State of the Art", a regularly published newsletter of the State of the Art Marathon Training web site located at: http://www.marathontraining.com. Included within this issue are marathon training tips, featured question, personal success story, the latest news, recipe, among other topics. As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions. Email us your thoughts, experiences, suggestions, and/or anything pertaining to marathon training and running in general for an upcoming issue at art@marathontraining.com. Thanks in advance and hope you will enjoy this newsletter!

Featured Web Site Section of the Month

Preventing running injuries is one of the most important aspects of training, regardless of the race distance for which you are preparing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, it makes sense to review injury prevention guidelines periodically and evaluate your present training routine. Injuries seldom occur by chance but rather, as a result of training errors. We invite you to read our Injury Prevention Strategies section.

Featured Question

The featured question this issue is provided by Beth D. of Greensboro, NC.

Dear Art,

Three of my friends and I are training for an upcoming marathon and have been following your training program religiously. We all wonder if we are supposed to do our mid-week runs at our goal marathon pace (which on average is 30-45 seconds per mile slower than the current pace of our short runs) or whether we should do these at a faster clip? Help us solve our quandary, could you? Thanks for all your advice and great web site.


Hi Beth,

Thanks for posing an excellent question. The mid-week workouts can be run faster than your goal marathon pace (as well as your long run pace). For first time marathoners, I recommend these shorter runs still be aerobic in nature so as not to incur an injury while building mileage. In other words, your effort level should feel easy and relaxed during these mid-week runs. Keep in mind that you need to listen to what your body is communicating to you throughout your training period so as not to overdo it. Being rested for, and recovered from those all-important long runs will be your key to achieving marathon success. In short, it makes no sense to risk injury by pushing the pace during your mid-week runs, especially during times when your muscles feel fatigued or are experiencing lingering soreness.

I hope that I've been of help. Wishing you and your running partners the best of luck…

Art Liberman
State of the Art Marathon Training

Art offers individualized coaching services designed to meet your needs and to help you achieve your running goals. For more information, check out the Personal Training section.

The Latest News

First things first! Art is proud to announce his engagement to Susan Ziman of Spartanburg, SC. While Art and Susan have known one another since they were teen-agers 35 years ago, they recently became reacquainted after all these years. The happy couple plans to get married in either the spring or summer of 2002. Congratulations Susan and Art!

If it's been a while since you've last visited State of the Art Marathon Training web site, we invite you to check out its brand new layout and design. Also, its content has been updated with additional training information featured. We'd like to commend our web designer, Jackye Cocoros for the outstanding work she has done to improve the site's appearance as well as navigational structure! For more information about the web site design and development services that Jackye provides, see http://www.jackyecocoros.com.

Over the past 1-1/2 years, Coach Art Liberman's journalistic contributions have been featured in several issues of "Runner's World Magazine". Art proudly serves on RW's Medical Advice and Training Column. Pick up a copy of the June, 2001 issue to read his reply to a reader's question pertaining to a 12-week marathon training program. Check out RW's great web site at http://www.runnersworld.com.

Art's first book, The Everything Running Book is in its final preparation stage for publication. With a tentative release date this fall, the book will provide comprehensive training information featuring a wide range of topics for runners of all experience levels. Its content includes: beginning a running program, training for races from the 5K to the marathon and beyond, weight training, cross training, nutrition, and much more. Edited by Carlo DeVito, the "Everything Running Book" will also include valuable injury prevention and treatment information written by Dr. Stephen Pribit. Be sure to visit his web site, Dr. Pribit's Running Injuries Page, at: http://www.clark.net/pub/pribut/spsport.html

Success Story
We would like to share this wonderful letter we recently received from Shelley Barineau of Houston, Texas. This past January, Shelley completed the Compaq Houston Marathon in 4:27:13.

Thanks to you, I was great today. I DID IT!!!! I completed the Houston Marathon. My race was fabulous. I was so prepared and had a lot of energy. The start was something I will never forget. Thousands of people like a wave for the first few miles, everyone excited and chatting. I hung back and ran about 12 minute miles for the first four. Then I picked it up and ran about 10:00 miles until mile 23 (including restroom breaks and, of course, stops for PowerAde at every aid station). When I saw my family and friends at the 18-mile mark, I had so much energy remaining. There was no doubt that I would finish. At mile 23, I kicked it in and ran about 9 minute miles to the finish. I probably passed 250-300 people. I was smiling and feeling great when I crossed the line in 4:27:13. My family was at the finish. Thanks to you, I have accomplished a life-long dream. In life I have learned that if I give my best, I will be successful. Part of giving my best in this race was your advice and counsel. Without your help, my race would have been much different. THANKS ART!!!!

Thank you Shelley for sharing your marathon story with us. We hope that you too will consider sharing with readers your personal success story and/or testimonial pertaining to running, racing, general fitness, etc. Email us at: art@marathontraining.com.

Other Notable Performances

We would like to commend all of the runners who worked with Art during the past fall and winter marathon season. Three performances, in particular, stand out and deserve special recognition. Wendi Ray, of Sister Bay, Wisconsin finished 2nd overall in the Women's Division of the Walt Disney World Marathon this past January, finishing in a time of 2:53:20. Wendi's performance at Disney was chronicled on ESPN's "Running and Racing" as she was videotaped/shown vying for the lead several times during the race. Running in his hometown event this past February, The Las Vegas Marathon, Ben Bobrow finished 41st overall in 2:48:50. Jim Romano of Staten Island, NY (a former national-class speed skater) greatly improved upon his previous marathon time, running this year's Walt Disney World Marathon in 3:25:01, 380th overall. Congratulations to all our email newsletter subscribers who completed their marathons over the past few months… Way to go!

Featured Recipe

Susan Ziman provides the recipe for this wonderful pasta dish.

1 - bow ties (8 oz package)
1 - large broccoli crowns
2 - large cauliflower crowns
2 - carrots (cut)
½ - red pepper
½ - yellow pepper (or any other vegetable)
2 tablespoons - olive oil
2 tablespoons - butter or margarine, salt, pepper, garlic or other seasoning to taste

Cook bow ties according to package. Strain and set aside. Melt butter or margarine, add olive oil, (and any other seasonings). Steam vegetables for five minutes. Mix vegetables and butter/seasoning mixture with bow ties in a large bowl. Serve immediately. As a tasty variation, chicken or shrimp (previously cooked and warmed) can be added to this dish.

Art heartily endorses and thanks his fiancé Susan for sharing this wonderful recipe!

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Join the State of the Art Team

Are you an energetic individual with some free time on your hands? Do we have variety of opportunities for you to utilize and showcase your skills! Here are some ways that you can join our team in exchange for free coaching services.
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If you have any questions or need additional information about any of these opportunities, email us at: art@marathontraining.com.

In Closing
Thanks for reading State of the Art. We hope that you have a wonderful spring filled with miles and miles of enjoyable runs and successful races!

Everything Running book now available!

Team ACS

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