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State of the Art
A Marathon Training Newsletter
Volume II - December, 2000

First Things First

Greetings and Happy Holidays! Welcome to the inaugural "State of the Art", a regularly published monthly newsletter of the State of the Art Marathon Training website located at: www.marathontraining.com. What can you expect to read about in this issue and future newsletters? Marathon training tips, personal achievement success stories, the latest news, a question of the month, among a variety of topics of interest will be included. We welcome your feedback and contributions. E-mail us your thoughts, experiences, suggestions, and/or anything pertaining to marathon training and running in general at art@marathontraining.com. Thanks in advance and hope you will enjoy our first issue!

Featured Website Section of the Month

Fall, 2000 has thus far been a very cold season for a wide geographic area of the United States and Canada…. Burr! What's a runner to do? Cut back on one's mileage, head for the great indoors and jump on the treadmill, cross-train, hibernate (just kidding), etc.? Contributor and coach Randy Brown offers a wide range of practical tips to make running outdoors both safe and comfortable. Read his suggestions in "The Weather Out There is Frightful - Cold Weather Running".

Question of the Month

Tom Fugate of Monterey, CA asks:

I've noticed that the long run distances in some marathon training programs top out at just 20 miles for the first timer. Other programs specify that runners cover 26 miles and beyond in practice? It's so confusing! What are your thoughts and recommendations?

Coaches who use the abbreviated long run format featured in their schedules are most concerned about the beginner/novice incurring some type of overuse injury if they go longer than 18 or 20 miles in practice. Additionally, runs longer than 20 miles a few weeks before the event, they surmise, may leave the runner less than optimally tapered/rested. Conversely, other programs recommend first-timers go 26 miles and longer in practice as a means of developing endurance and muscular strength.

I take the middle ground approach. I strongly believe that if a runner can successfully complete 22-23 miles in practice four weeks before the race, he/she has adequate time to recover from, and be fully rested for the marathon. It is very important to remember that a sound taper plan be followed during the two to three week period prior to the marathon. From a physiological perspective, training schedules with long runs that top out at 18/20 miles don't provide the opportunity for the runner to approach/experience a depleted glycogen state. This is an essential training element in that a runner's muscles need to learn to switch over to fat stores during the later stages of the marathon. Given the fact that the runner successfully follows and completes his/her training schedule, finishing a marathon is to a great extent a mental exercise in perseverance. Covering approximately 90% (22/23 miles) of the marathon distance in practice greatly enhances a runner's confidence that he/she will be able to successfully finish the race smiling!

Thanks Tom for asking a great question!

The Latest News

If it's been a while since you've last visited State of the Art Marathon Training website, you will notice that we've moved to a new URL with an easy-to-remember domain name: www.marathontraining.com.

Over the past 1-1/2 years, Coach Art Liberman has been featured in several issues of Runner's World Magazine. Check out RW's website at http://www.runnersworld.com. His marathon training program was highlighted in the August 1999 edition. Art is also a regular contributor to RW's "Medical Advice and Training" column and has answered readers' questions in both the May and November 2000 issues. If you don't already do so, subscribe to Runner's World Magazine!

Art also serves as the marathon training expert for the Global Health and Fitness website. Visit them at http://www.global-fitness.com.

Within the next year, Art along with some other notable contributors will be authoring a general information running book. Plans are to include throughout the book many comments from runners highlighting their personal experiences on variety of training topics (e.g., nutrition, stretching, shoe selection, etc.). We welcome your comments, perspectives, and personal stories for consideration for inclusion in this book. Interested? E-mail us at art@marathontraining.com. More information will be provided in a future newsletter.

Success Story

We recently received and would like to share this wonderful letter from Michael and Jackie Fleming, a couple which finished their first marathon this past fall in Dublin, Ireland. We hope that you enjoy their story:

I feel I must send you a message of thanks for everything I have learned from you via your website. Both myself and my wife Jackie (both of us are 35 years old) have been following your training schedule for the past number of months and all our efforts came to a climax when we completed our first marathon this past fall in Dublin, Ireland in a time of 4:42, crossing the finish line hand in hand. Neither of us had ever run until about 18 months ago when just for fun and fitness reasons we started to jog on a fairly regular basis… nothing earth shattering, just two to three miles maybe three times a week, but from this we got the bug.

Over the next while, we built up our distances and ran a 5-mile race, next a 10k, and then we then moved on to a 10 miler, which took place last March. It was then we decided that the marathon was our goal. We went in search of information and it was then I found your website on the net and we have found it invaluable. It wasn't just the mileage build up and training schedules but all the information you gave on nutrition, resting, injuries and the psychological aspects of the run as well, it was all absolutely brilliant. It was in plain English, easy to follow and wasn't full of the type of technical terms that might scare off a first time marathoner.

You can't begin to understand just how much you have helped both of us through the past year and especially the last 17 weeks. There were times when both of us felt like giving up but didn't because of the encouragement we took from your site and for this we owe you a great debt of gratitude. So on behalf of us both I want to say a very big thank you for all you efforts and we hope you will keep up the good work. We certainly intend to keep going. Who knows? Perhaps the New York Marathon in 2001? Only time will tell.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about Jackie and Michael's Dublin Marathon experience. Thanks for sharing your personal stories along with your kind comments about State of the Art Marathon Training. If you have a marathon success story and/or testimonial you'd like to share pertaining to your training, please feel free to e-mail us at: art@marathontraining.com.

Recipe of the Month

Angie Liberman of Silver Spring, MD provides the recipe for this wonderful pasta dish. If her last name sounds familiar, Angie is Art Liberman's sister-in-law! Her husband Robert, along with daughters Lauren and Avery heartily endorse this tasty recipe.

Penne Pasta With Asparagus and Peppers

1/2 box - Penne Pasta, cooked
1 bunch - Asparagus, blanched 2 minutes; cut in 2 inch pieces
1/3 cup - Olive Oil
4 ounces - Parmesan Cheese, shredded
1 teaspoon - Minced Garlic
1 each - Red Pepper and Yellow Pepper, cut into strips

Mix all of the ingredients together. Marinade overnight (or a minimum of 2-3 hours) before serving. Top with fresh parsley sprigs.

Thanks Angie for sharing this recipe!

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In Closing

We'd like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season. We also hope that 2001 will be a year of health, happiness, prosperity, and success for all!

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Team ACS

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