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State of the Art
A Marathon Training Newsletter
Volume I - December, 2000

Art to Appear in the November Issue of Runner's World Magazine

Art will make his second appearance in Runner's World Magazine's Medical Advice and Training Column. In the upcoming November issue of RW, Art answers a question posed by an Army enlisted man who needed a training plan for running a fast two-mile race as part of the annual fitness test. Check out Runner's World's web site at: http://www.runnersworld.com/

A New Record-Keeping System

We'd like to bring to your attention a fantastic free logging system that provides everything you need to easily record the important categories regarding your training:
  • Run Date
  • Location/Course
  • Run Type
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Goal Time
  • Shoe
  • Weather
  • Heart Rate
  • Comments
WinningStats.Com also has the capacity that enables users to record data for other sports including cycling, swimming, skating, and many more. Please email us your thoughts regarding this site located at: http://www.winningstats.com

Global Health Fitness Adds Art As Their Marathon Training Expert

Art was recently asked by Global Health and Fitness (GHF) to be their Marathon Training Expert. GHF is an excellent web site that offers lots of fitness-related information for a variety of sports. Much of the information is free: nutrition, weight management, strength training, flexibility, aerobics, and much more. They also provide individualized training for athletes who want access to some of the top fitness experts in the country. Check this great web site out at: http://www.global-fitness.com

State of the Art Marathon Training Gets New Look and New Domain Name

State of the Art Marathon Training has undergone a new look and all of the changes are now operational. These include pages that are more graphically appealing, load much faster, and are more easily navigable. The content material remains the same.

Equally exciting is that State of the Art Marathon Training has moved to a new domain name.... http://www.marathontraining.com

Visitors can still access the site through the Geocities address. Art hopes that this change has not caused anyone inconvenience. Art welcomes your feedback regarding the new look. After all, the page is designed to help you!

Art Asked by Runner's World to Serve on Expert Panel - See May 2000 Issue

For many years, Art has answered literally hundreds of questions e-mailed to me by visitors to my website and he has some exciting news to share. Beth Eck, an editor with Runner's World Magazine, asked Art a few months ago to serve as a panel member for the "Medical and Training Advice" section of the magazine. Please check out the May, 2000 issue as Art responded to a question regarding the challenges of running with slower partners. Art looks forward to answering more questions in the very near future.

Art Featured in the August Issue of Runner's World

Back in March, Art was interviewed by Hal Higdon, senior editor of Runner's World Magazine for an article that appeared in their August, 1999 issue. The article featured three different 12-week training schedules: one for the beginner/novice, the intermediate, and the advanced competitor.

Art was asked to design a plan for the beginner/novice (with the ability to enter the training plan to walk/run 10 miles) that will enable her/him to complete the marathon in around five hours. This was a challenging task given the limited time frame requirements for the training program that Runner's World specified. Nevertheless, Art was able to create a schedule that included both a 20 and a 22-mile training session.

Art hopes you were able to read the August issue of Runner's World. Please e-mail him your comments about the training program and its effectiveness in preparing you for your marathon.

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Team ACS

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